Wisdom of Grief

” THE WISDOM OF GRIEF takes bereavement literature one step further- it offers a new angle on grief and loss and helps us to focus on the timeless peace available to us in the midst of it, giving us an inspiring perspective on this widespread and very human experience.”

Part memoir of complicated grief, part professional perspective on bereavement, part guidebook through the transcendental journey of grief, THE WISDOM OF GRIEF is about using tragedy as an opportunity for transformation, providing a method for how to turn our traumas into our most valuable source of inner wealth. It is a comprehensive, solution based program to guide us, whatever our spiritual affiliation, toward the gifts in this widespread and very human experience.

“The pain of grief is always accompanied by gifts that put us in touch with the best and most profound aspects of our humanity. Through Leslie’s unflinchingly honest but uplifting ability to gain perspective on her own deep suffering in the wake of her mother’s sudden and violent death, we are compassionately guided to apply mindful practices to our own lives and losses.” Shana B

“An absolute must for anyone who has suffered significant losses in their life. I was mesmerized by this book. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one day. I’ve gone back to it many times and find new takeaways each time. The vulnerability with which it is written is so compelling and appreciated. I aspire to face the losses in my life with the same grace and positivity as Leslie.” – Sarah H

THE WISDOM OF GRIEF walks us though the phases of any grieving process, while offering specific antidotes to the various aspects of grief, in the form of contemplations and guided meditations, helping us to access the innumerable opportunities lying in wait at each point. It is a comprehensive, solution based spiritual program to guide us, whatever our religious affiliation, toward the gifts in the life altering but not so unusual experiences of deep grief. THE WISDOM OF GRIEF is a map, guiding us gently toward a place beyond fear, where an immense treasure lies, waiting to be unearthed.